Talking to your Children about Going Green

Talking to your Children about Going Green
Help your kids go green

Help your kids go green

Nowadays children are surrounded by the green movement. In school they are taught about recycling and conservation and on television there are many ad campaigns that make it fun to save the planet. However, you may seem to be stuck in such a whirlwind of jobs and child care that talking to your children about going green is not at the top of your list. Take a step back and sit your family down for a going green conversation. Find out where they are and what they know so you can assess the best plan to keep your home a greenhome.

Set an Example

No matter how much your children learn outside the house, if you are not following even the simplest green steps they will most likely follow suit. Make sure you are front and center in maintaining such things as separate recycling garbage cans, a re-use bag or cabinet with capable, reusable paper/plastic bags and possibly a compost bin in the backyard.

Use Examples

When talking to your children about going green you want to give them as much useful information they can lock into their little minds as an incentive to save our planet. Of course it depends on the age of your child so here are a few stats you can throw at them. Pick what is appropriate and modify for certain ages.

  • Recycle Paper – One ton recycled saves 15-17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water.
  • Recycle Plastic – Plastic products made from recycled plastic use 88% less energy to produce compared to those made from oil. Try a 100% recycled clip board.
  • Recycle Metal – The steel industry recycles enough metal per year to save enough energy to power approximately 18 million households per year.
  • Jobs – Recycling is responsible for approximately 1 million U.S. jobs.
Make it Fun

Whether you have a toddler or a teen you can make recycling fun and easy by implementing some clever additions to your home as well as incentives for a job well done. Colorful charts that kids can adorn with stars or cartoon stickers when they have completed a green job are always embraced. Offering additional allowance money for an extra effort in handling recyclables or even compost material can be setup. Anything you can think of to make it less of a chore is helpful too. Create easy access to recycling garbage cans or involve your kids in purchasing and installing CFL light bulbs, motion detectors and green friendly packaging. By actively involving them in the green movement they will feel less lectured and more responsible.

Talking to your children about going green will support all that they are learning outside the home or on television. It will let them know that you care too and that you are not too busy for such important tasks. In addition, it may very well bring you and your family closer together when you all work as a team.


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