5 Ways to Make Recycling Easy

5 Ways to Make Recycling Easy

If your family is anything like mine, it can be a real chore to get them to use even the most easily accessible recycling bin. Everyone from young kids to grandparents gets used to throwing soda bottles, jars, and wrappers into the nearest garbage can without thinking twice. But while this trash habit is hard to break, even your most stubborn family members can be prodded into recycling with these helpful hints.

Green Toys Recycling Truck

Green Toys Recycling Truck

1. Help them understand the importance of recycling

Nobody likes doing extra chores, and kids can be especially stubborn about things they don’t understand, so take the time to explain to your kids why recycling is important. You can play games to make it fun or bring them along to the recycling center so they can see how the recycling process gets started. When they understand where all their garbage goes they’ll think twice before chucking that soda bottle.

2. Make it easy

Put bins in handy spots to remind everyone to recycle. Get lots of junk mail? Put a container by the front door so those flyers and envelopes don’t even make it inside. Also try sticking a small bin in the bathroom to collect plastic bottles and making the kitchen recycling bin easier to reach than the garbage can: we keep our recycling bin within easy reach under the sink while the trash can is a few extra steps away in the pantry.

3. Have a contest

Kids (and sometimes moms and dads) love a little competition, so why not start a friendly household contest? Give everyone their own bin to fill or assign a captain for the week and see who can fill up their bin first. You can reward little ones with eco-friendly toys or trips to a local park. If the recycling centers near you pay cash for aluminum cans and glass, letting your kids keep the proceeds is a great way to reward them for their hard work.

4. Get crafty

Reusing products at home is another fun way to teach kids the importance of recycling. Save up paper towel rolls, glass jars, magazines, and newspapers for making jewelry, costumes, and other craft projects to show your kids how even the most everyday objects can find new life. You can also make recycling exciting by letting them decorate the bins: with an afternoon and little paint, kids can make a recycling bin they’ll be proud to use.

5. Start composting

Composting isn’t just a good way cut down on household waste – it’s also the perfect lesson on what it means to recycle. Kids can watch their banana peels, sandwich crusts, and dinner leftovers transform into nutritious soil right before their eyes. And whether they like to play with worms or just want to dump their vegetables when you’re not looking, it’s easy for kids to find ways to help.


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