10 Green Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

10 Green Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For Spring
Green Gardening

Green Gardening

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start gearing up our gardens for warm weather. If you’re like me you’ll have a lot of work to do to turn your winter wasteland into a summer paradise, which makes this the perfect time to focus on greening your garden routine. Below are ten things you can do before the first seed goes in the ground to make sure your garden grows in safe and happy.

1. Start fresh

Prune back dead trees and shrubs and clean up leaves, branches, and dead grass that might block new growth. And make sure any yard waste you collect goes straight to the compost pile!

2. Mulch

Put several inches of a natural mulch like straw or wood chips around perennials to reduce water loss, minimize temperature fluctuations in the soil, and keep out weeds. If you’re growing annuals you’ll want to wait on the mulch until you’ve transplanted the seedling to avoid smothering new growth.

3. Collect water

Conserve water by setting up a rain barrel or collecting rinse water from the sinks and showers in your home. This way you’ll have plenty ready for when your new plants get thirsty and you won’t have to use the treated, energy-intensive water that comes from your taps.

4. Save supplies

Gardens are a great place to reuse things you might otherwise throw away. Egg cartons and plastic food containers are great for growing seedlings and you can save newspapers to use as mulch.

5. Compost

Compost makes the best fertilizer, so work on your bin or pile during the winter in order to have fresh compost ready when spring comes. Mix it into the soil in your garden before you plant to ensure your plants grow strong all season long or make a compost tea to get your lawn off on the right foot.

6. Stock up on natural pesticides

Instead of relying on toxic chemical pesticides try spraying a homemade mixture of soap, cayenne pepper, and water on plants to keep away hungry insects. Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and clove also make excellent insect repellants.

7. Clean green

Use a vinegar-based natural disinfectant to clean pruning shears and other tools to prevent spreading infections.

8. Check your irrigation

Soaker hoses make watering easy and efficient by dripping water right onto the soil. If you lay them out in spring before you transplant and mulch it’ll be a breeze to keep everything hydrated once your garden takes off.

9. Know your area

When you’re picking out seeds try to focus on species native to your area. Local shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables will be adapted to the conditions in your yard making them better able to handle the soil chemistry, water levels, and local pests and diseases. They’ll also be less likely to cause problems for your local ecosystem if they escape your yard.

10. Keep the birds away

You can use scarecrows, netting, or an eager cat to scare birds away from your newly planted seeds. We hang reflective wind chimes around the garden – the flashing lights scare off even the bravest avian invaders.

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