Reuse and Reduce

Reuse and Reduce!

Making use of the products we already have is one of our best weapons in the war on waste. So much of what we throw away doesn’t need to end up in the trash: food waste can be composted, materials like plastics and metals can be recycled, and many products like clothes and appliances can be reused. So while it might seem easier to toss your garbage in the can, Greenhome wants you to work on finding ways to recycle and reuse the stuff we all throw away every day.

Did you know?

34% of all trash in the U.S. was recycled or composted in 2010.
Lead-acid car batteries have the highest recycled rate of any single item at 96%.
Only 8% of all plastic waste was recovered for recycling.
The U.S. recycling rate has risen every year, from 10% in 1980 to 16% in 1990 to 29% in 2000 and now 34% in 2010.
Over 50% of the waste currently in landfills could have been recycled or composted.
It takes 95% less energy to make an aluminum can from reclaimed materials than from scratch.
Cooking oil can be recycled to make biofuel.
The U.S. throws away 27% of our edible food.
Americans throw away 3 billion single-use batteries every year.
Only 2.8% of all food waste was composted in 2010.
5 Easy Ways to Reuse Every Day

1. Recycle – it’s one of the easiest and most important things you can do to help the environment!

2. Compost – kitchen scraps and yard waste can easily be turned into safe, nutritious fertilizer for your yard.

3. Be thrifty – give new life to old furniture, clothes, electronics, and other household goods by donating to charities and shopping at second-hand stores.

4. Get crafty – find new uses for the things you might otherwise throw away: store art supplies in old glass jars, save magazines to use as wrapping paper, or keep old towels and sheets to use as rags.

5. Buy recycled – complete the circle by buying products made from reclaimed aluminum, plastic, rubber, and other materials.

Recycled Plastic Radio Flyer Earth Wagon

Recycled Plastic Radio Flyer Earth Wagon

ReBinder - Recycled Chip D-Ring

ReBinder - Recycled Chip D-Ring

Recycled Plastic Food Storage Containers

Recycled Plastic Food Storage Containers

Evening Bag - Vulcana Recycled Rubber

Evening Bag - Vulcana Recycled Rubber


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