The Best Green Gifts for the Holidays

For the Kids

1. The holidays are a great time to teach your kids about the importance of being healthy and environmentally conscious. Greenhome’s Earth kit includes a book full of eco-friendly activities for kids as well as a BPA-free water bottle and organic t-shirt. You can also make learning about the environment fun with the Earthopoly board game or a set of eco flash cards.

Eco Flash Cards

Eco Flash Cards

2. Allow kids to be creative with a paint your own instrument kit or a play set made from recycled plastic, like a pizza play settea party play set, or tool play set.

3. Be sure to look for gifts manufactured from safe, natural materials like stuffed animals made from organic cotton or this fire truck made from recycled plastic.

Useful, Practical, and Green

4. Reusable shopping bags are a great alternative plastic and paper bags. Your friends and family will get lots of use from an organic cotton bag or this compactable cotton string tote.

5. Give a travel mug made from compostable, corn-derived plastics to the coffee or tea lover in your life.

6. Help keep rubber out of landfills by giving products made from recycled tires. A recycled bike tube wallethandlebar bag, or backpack will be durable and can be used every day.

Indulgent Gifts

7. has a range of aromatherapy products for the person in your life who likes to feel pampered and relaxed. This travel spa kit is available in five different scents while this body wash and lotion is made from organic coconut and jojoba. Organic body scrub also makes a great gift.   

8. Seasonal carved beeswax candles emit a natural honey scent when burned and are an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles.

9. Keep your loved ones comfy and warm in an organic cotton velour robe.

A Great Gift For Everybody

10. If you just can’t decide, offers gift certificates so that your friends and family can find their own favorite way to go green. And no matter what you give, be sure to cut down on waste by wrapping with reusable gift bags.

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