10 Ways to Green Your Exercise Routine

10 Ways to Green Your Exercise Routine

We exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. But, little do we realize that in the effort of keeping ourselves healthy, we pose a lot of threat to the environment we live in. Keeping fit is good, but how do we expect to be perfectly healthy if our surrounding is polluted? ‘Going green’ should be the motto of every human being. All our activities should reflect our concern toward the environment because any bad effect on the environment will indirectly harm us. The exercise routine that we follow everyday in order to remain healthy can also is eco-friendly. A little effort and a slight modification in our habits can create a lot of difference.

1. Exercise outdoors

In order to decrease the harmful impact of your exercise, the first and the most important thing you should do is to forget the indoor exercise equipment and work out in the open. The treadmill and other equipment give good results, but have you ever realized the amount of energy they consume? You can even remain fit if you do some outdoor exercises like cycling, walking, jogging, running, swimming or playing. These exercises also give great results and you do not need to spend anything. This way you can help in saving lots of electricity and also money.

2. Spend less on clothes

For exercise, you do not need to buy expensive clothes. A simple pair of track pants, a t-shirt and shoes are all you need. I understand that looking good these days is also a must, so try to buy comfortable cotton dresses that make less of an impact on the environment. Try to use natural organic items as much as possible. Even your shoes can be eco-friendly. Buy footwear that do not harm the surroundings.

3. Join an Eco-friendly gym

Exercising at home will be the best idea, because you will not have to spend anything for this. But if you must visit a gym, join an eco-friendly gym that is nearest to your house. If the gym is nearby, you can walk or run there. It will be an additional advantage, especially if your gym is also as concerned about the ecosystem as you are. Join a gym that believes in energy as well as water conservation, and also encourages people to use natural cleaners and soaps.

4. Use reusable water bottles

Stop purchasing water bottles every time. It accumulates a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. Instead, you can carry a bottle of your own and refill it whenever necessary. This will reduce a considerable amount of plastic and help the environment to remain clean.

5. Make your own nutrition bar

Search on internet for some yummy homemade nutrition bar recipes. These will be healthier and will save your money. Also, by putting in this little effort, you can save the earth for all the plastic waste that will be accumulated by the nutrition bar wrappers.

6. Do not use antiperspirant

You sweat while exercising. This sweat helps your body to get rid of harmful toxins. If you use antiperspirants, you are actually blocking the path of the release of toxins. Not only this, these antiperspirants have a lot of harmful chemicals that cause much harm to the ecosystem. Even deodorants that you use everyday have chemicals that destroy the greenery of the surrounding. Stay away from these as much as possible. You can also make use of natural deodorants that are usually plant-derived and do not cause any harm.

7. Share your equipment

If you really need to buy some of the instruments for exercise, it is a good idea to share these with your friends. This way you can save money and reduce the bad impact on the environment. You and your friend can accordingly adjust your fitness schedule so that both of you can use the equipment.

8. Recycle your equipment

If there is equipment, DVDs or CDs that you had bought earlier, but do not need now, it is a good idea to recycle them. Gift them to someone or sell them so that they can be used by someone who really needs them. This way you will actually reduce your trash.

9. Wash your towel

Stay away from disposable towels as much as possible. Disposable towels can give rise to a lot of paper waste. Therefore, carry your own towels and reuse them after washing. This will help to reduce the pollution caused by unwanted paper accumulation. Less use of paper will also save the trees.

10. Enjoy other activities

Apart from exercise, other activities like gardening can give you many health benefits. Planting the trees, watering them and caring for them will give you the benefits of exercise. At the same time, you can also enjoy naturally grown fruits and vegetables, which are good for you and also for the environment.

These steps are not at all tough to follow. In fact, they will even reduce the amount of money that is being spent. We always need to remember that we have to safeguard the earth on which we live. The environment is deteriorating fast and if we keep neglecting it, it is we who have to suffer. The only way out is to protect our surrounding by developing habits that are eco-friendly.


About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger and writer. She loves writing on technology and health. Beside this she loves traveling and cooking in her free time. These days she is busy in writing an article on weight management.


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