How to Green Your Life

Greening your life, home or business is not a small task.  But like with most large tasks, there’s an 80/20 rule.

We tend to refer to it as the Big Green Five:

  1. Air/Water
  2. Energy
  3. Food and Stuff we Use
  4. Cleaning
  5. Wearables/Touchables

Following the twin Do No Harm and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles, we can attack all five on all fronts, and we make sure we carry a range of products to help you green each of these.

1. Air/Water – With water its about using clean water, and less water.  With air, it’s about quality. We’ve got one wildly popular product made just for us that you’ll love – it’s a transparent chlorine removing shower filter, available with a low flow shower head – and with a clear casing so you can watch it work!  As for air quality, HEPA filters are great, and we have a ton of recommendations – but our first one is all the same – test your air and check whether or not you have an issue.  This is about more than saving the planet, it’s about keeping your family safe.   We carry one and only one air quality test kit, the Jossam – which we think is the best, supplied by our laboratory test partner Techtron Labs.

2. Energy – With energy it’s all about make in cleaner, use it less, and save it more.  When it comes to home or office energy efficiency, lighting, heating/cooling, appliances, and vampire loads, are the main issues to be concerned with.  We carry a wide range of energy efficient devices.  For lighting the first solutions boil down to 3 things – switch your old lightbulbs out for LEDs and CFLs, use timers or other management devices (or just turn them off yourself!) or go solar powered.  For heating and cooling there are a number of big things you ought to do, from getting an energy audit to assess where the main problems lie, to insulation and energy energy efficient windows.  However, there are a number of smaller moves that payback quickly that you should consider first.  Seal your house – weatherstripping, caulking and electrical socket gaskets are a great start. Vampire loads are a growing problem that can take up to 5-15% of your power bill, especially if you’re a electronics gadget freak!  Vampire or phantom loads come from those plugged in or sleeping electrical devices that still draw power.  A little bit at a time, but it definitely adds up.  The primary solution (besides unplugging which none of us ever remember to do) is to use smart power strips that unplug those vampires for you.

3. Food and Stuff We Use – While we don’t carry food, encouraging you to buy local and organic, we are a big believer in reusables, recycled products and compostibles.  Yes, the packaging, cutting boards, tote bags etc really do matter.

4. Cleaning – Use environmentally friendly cleaners, when you need them, and only as much as you need.  We carry a number of different types of cleaners many of them products packaged exclusively for  Top sellers. enzyme based, ion-based, But if you want to watch a few in action before you buy, just check out our founder, Axil Comras, trying out ecofriendly cleaners on the Today Show:

5.  Wearables/Touchables – Here we’re big on organic cloth.  We carry about 300 different organic cotton products alone.  And based on our bestseller’s list, our customers agree.  Organic cotton shower curtains, organic napkins and towels have long been popular sellers.

2 Responses to “How to Green Your Life”
  1. Axil says:

    This is an amazing summary of what it takes to go green. By looking at the home as a system of inflows and outflows, it’s easy to start figuring out what areas to begin with. Nice!

  2. This is a good way to look at the process of going green. It helps provide a little structure to one’s approach. It can be quite an overwhelming task! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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